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On Sunday, I walked for about three hours and 7-8 miles for Leeds Mind on behalf of my friend Jill who tragically lost her son Matty in a horrific car crash locally to me in Leeds two years ago.

It was such a sad tragedy as he was in the car with three of his best friends and all four died instantly.

It was a beautiful Autumnal walk along back lanes of Leeds I’ve never walked through before.

Jill organised the walk; raising money for Leeds Mind.

Supporting a charity such as Mind is so important right now, if you could spare any amount, please do donate.

Jill also said to share the following, “Matty was such a thoughtful and caring young man. He will be wishing all his family and friends so much love, and even people he didn’t know. That is the person he was, hoping I’m doing him proud”.

If you would like to donate, the link is:

Please like and share as this is such an amazing charity.

Have a great week 💙