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No Christmas cards from me and committing to CSR


For the last three years, I’ve opted not to send any cards but donate to charity instead.

Yesterday, I donated towards the Radical Recruit crowdfunding page.

Raising £150k will allow Radical Recruit to keep supporting the candidates already on their books as well as help an extra 150 homeless people into employment next year.

Emma Freivogel – We’re CROWDFUNDING founded Radical Recruit a year ago to help some of the UK’s most disadvantaged people into employment.

It is the UK’s only not-for-profit social recruitment consultancy and is on a mission to ensure that people who are homeless have the support they need to transform their lives.

They do this by supporting people to get ready for work, secure and sustain meaningful paid employment, obtain safe and stable accommodation.

Since the first lockdown, homelessness has risen.

Young people have been hit particularly hard with an 81% increase in rough sleeping for those aged under 25 years.

Wouldn’t you rather put your Christmas card and postage money to better use?

If you would like to donate, the link is below: