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Ring my bell 🔔 … my thoughts on the legal market ⚡️

Well done for making it through what felt like 250 million days of February and most of March in one piece! Brighter mornings are thankfully here with the clocks changing, and I’m so relieved.

Since I’ve last been in touch, the legal recruitment market has been interesting to say the least; some areas are incredibly busy, in particular private client, corporate, insolvency, and commercial litigation, but other areas less so. I will talk more about this on LinkedIn. 

Talking of LinkedIn, are you following/connected to me?

If not, please follow me; I post most days and write all my own content, not ChatGPT! 

There is a new feature on LinkedIn where you can ring someone’s bell; this will confirm that you want to receive a notification whenever they publish something new. It’s as simple as that.

That’s it for now – have a great week and a wonderful Easter!