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What I think lawyers really, really want ⚡️

From recruiting over the last 12 months, this is my perspective on what candidates are looking for when they consider moving jobs:

⚡️ Pension contribution: yes, it’s statutory, but I have found some firms are offering up to 10%, whereas others are offering the minimum of 3% – which I think is low.

⚡️ Holiday entitlement: there is a massive discrepancy across firms; most now offer the option to buy and sell for up to five days; most candidates want a minimum of 25 days plus bank holidays.

⚡️ Christmas and New Year closure: this has come up several times recently; most law firms shut over the festive period, but as that’s a firm’s decision, should the days come out of holiday allocation? Again, it varies from firm to firm.

⚡️ Flexible working: despite the entire nation having to work from home not so long ago, some firms are now insisting everyone returns to the office; most candidates are looking for hybrid working, so if firms don’t offer this, it will put some candidates off.

⚡️ Salary: salaries for NQs have been pushed higher and higher due to competition, and this has had a knock-on effect on other salaries; some high street firms are still starting their NQs at £25-28k, regionals anything from £33-43k and some national corporates anything from £38-52k; all candidates want a salary uplift to move – previously, firms didn’t always offer this but now I think they must.

⚡️ Maternity packages: candidates are not afraid to ask about this, and, for younger candidates, this is a massive selling point – when does the maternity package kick in and for how long?

⚡️ Parking: even with most firms offering hybrid working, candidates still want to know the cost and availability of parking.

⚡️ Training/Development/Structured career path: there are still so many firms that do not have a structure in place to develop this. So many lawyers register with me not wanting a sideways move, they want more.

If you are looking for a new role now, or would like to discuss recruiting for your team or department, please contact me directly.